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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My good friend

I actually don't know this guy. But if I did i'm pretty sure we would be boys. One thing I'm not good at (and a reason I have to turn down many gigs) is playing cover songs. I just don't do it. Most of the gigs that are available to me are gigs where it would be very beneficial to me to know some popular covers/crowd pleasing tunes. What's funny is: I do know a few of some other people's songs, but they are random and most people haven't heard them so I might as well just play an original. (run-on sentence? wrong use of a colon?) When I do have the time to sit down and play guitar I normally just end up writing rather then trying to learn someone else's tunes. Just how I work. To each their own. I'm actually very impressed with people that know lots of covers because that's a serious memory at work and something I'm not very good at. I don't know how Matt Deaton does it.
That guy remembers everything.

But (I learned in school not to start a sentence with but) every once in a while a song comes along and hits a chord with me and I have to learn it. That's what happened with this song. Heard it and the next day I was playing it. The song makes me want to move to New York City just so I can move to the country. I hope you like it too. If not...To each their own.

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