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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Keeping the music alive

So there's this band that I have been wanting to go see for over a year now. Deadman is their name. They play often at the Saxon Pub, which is one of my favorite bars. The timing has worked out so I have yet to catch them. I have, however, looked them up on youtube to see what the buzz is about. I dig it. They remind me of that one band....what was their name? oh yeah...The Band. I love it when new bands get together and takes cues from an older genre of music that you don't get to hear that much anymore. Of course Deadman is different then The Band. Which makes them even better. (i'm not saying they are better then The Band) They make their own music and it's a breath of fresh air. Which is something I love about Austin. There are so many great bands and musicians playing on any given night of the week. Another good band in the same vein as Deadman is a band called Slowtrain. I would suggest checking out both bands if you can. Here's some clips from Deadman to check out. (couldn't find any recent ones from Slowtrain, here's a link to their myspace link: )

link to Deadman:

I actually just saw that Deadman is playing on my birthday at the Saxon. hmmmmm......probably a late show and the wife has to work the next day so i don't see it happening....but maybe?

Some words from the front man of Deadman I found interesting:

"Current music lacks significance. some people would call it substance but it's really significance. Because you have substance in modern songs, but you don't have the significance of why they should exist. And when the balance is thrown off the struggle is success over significance. But you can't have success without can have it... but you can't have true success without significance. That's like the cart before the horse. In today's times we see a struggling music industry, we see a struggling economy and I think the result is you've got everybody grasping for success, but they are forgetting the significance of what they do. And that may be in music, that may be in banking, that may be in the auto industry. And when that goes awry you have problems."
---Steven Collins of Deadman

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