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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Homarus americanus

So tomorrow I begin school for about the 21st time in my life. not counting summer school. To celebrate I cooked a feast. The wife was pretty happy about it. Here was part of it.

I also threw in some grilled okra, and potato crusted tilapia, and some leftover potato salad from my mom's birthday. It did the trick. It was my first time to cook lobster. It was pretty easy. bought a tail from the H-E-Beer store and cut it in half. set it in a bowl. poured some virgin olive oil on it with a small amount of salt and pepper. let it sit for 10 min. probably should have let it sit for 20 more minutes but i was too hungry to wait. Grilled it for around 4 min, about 2 on each side. Could probably do it for less depending on the heat of the grill. Meanwhile I had a pan on the stove on medium heat. In the pan I melted some butter and mixed in a little bit more olive oil and added some garlic. Took the lob off the grill and let it cook the rest of the way while soaking in the pan until it was white throughout. You should try it. In your face Julia Child.


  1. this is the second mention of julia child so far, in your... like... three blog posts... haha! Funny.