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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The kid has grown up

So around 2004 I was at a show at La Zona Rosa in Austin, TX. One of my friend's bands was playing. After the set they introduced me to someone they had just met. There was a shy kid off to the side not really talking to anyone. They introduced him to me by saying something to the effect of "this kid is great and he's going to be huge one day!" The kid kind of blushed and shrugged it off with the sarcastic expression of "yeah right." He looked like he was just happy to be there hanging out. I noted his name and went about my business. About a year later I was at a hotel in Colorado and I heard someone say his name to the effect of "man that guy is great."

Fast Forward to 8/31/2010.

That "kid" has released two albums produced by former Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford and just released his newest album "Junky Star" produced by Grammy award winner T. Bone Burnett. He also appeared in the movie "Crazy Heart" alongside Jeff Bridges and wrote the song "The Weary Kind" that won him a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. Not a bad year. That kid's name is Ryan Bingham and I think you should pay attention to him. Here he is playing his song "Depression" on the David Letterman show last night:

Here's the music video from his song "Bread and Water" off his album "Mescalito"

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